We encourage anyone who wishes to participate in our Society
to go through one of our Assemblages.
USA Assemblages
NAME – ID – Consecration Year – Consecration Date
Ashcom Quarry  ACM  2015  24-Aug-2015
Bryn Athyn Quarry  BAQ  2009  29-Nov-2008
Bull Run Quarry  BRQ  2012  2-Dec-2012
Samuel G. Wilkeson Quarry  SGW  2015  22-Aug-2015
San Jacinto Monument  SJM  2015  21-Aug-2015
Solar White Quarry  SWQ  2010  15-Feb-2010
Texas State Capitol  TSC  2010  16-Feb-2010
Trinity Church  TCH  2010  17-Feb-2010
Washington Monument WMT  2015  25-Aug-2015
Stone City Quarry  SCQ  2018  14-Nov-2018
Serpentine Barrens Quarry  SBQ  2018  18-Nov-2018
Donegal Church Assemblage  DCH  2022  14-July-2022
Damon Quarry Assemblage  DMQ  2022  16-July-2022
Louisiana Old Capitol Assemblage  LOC  2022  19-July-2022
Old Stone Church Assemblage  OSC  2022  22-July-2022
Stone Mountain Quarry Assemblage  SMQ  2022  24-July-2022