1. Name. The Society of Blue Friars.
2. Purpose: To recognize Masonic authors.
3. Officers: The Grand Abbot, who serves at his pleasure. At his demise or pleasure the Deputy Grand Abbot shall succeed him. The Deputy Grand Abbot and Secretary-General are appointed by the Grand Abbot and serve at his pleasure.
4. Member’s Title: Each member shall have the title “Friar” and shall be entitled to use the designation “B.F.”
5. Dues and Fees: There shall be neither dues nor fees.
6. Number of Friars: One new Friar shall be appointed each year. Additional Friars may be appointed to fill vacancies caused by demise or resignation when the total membership is not over twenty.
7. Selection of Friars: Each Friar may nominate each year for Friarship one Freemason from a Grand Lodge recognized by the Friar’s Grand Lodge; the nominations shall be made not later than November 1. The Grand Abbot shall select the new Friar or Friars.
8. Announcement: The Grand Abbot shall proclaim new Friars in February, and the Secretary- General shall prepare a Proclamation for each newly made Friar and deliver it at the pleasure of the Grand Abbot.
9. Changes in Regulations: These regulations are subject to change only at the pleasure of the Grand Abbot.