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Frederick R. Dixon, Sr.
Eminent Prior
2022 – 2023

Richmond, Virginia
Instituted March 11, 1934

Meetings are held during the Annual Conclave of the
Grand Commandery Knights Templar of Virginia, and
during the Annual Convocation of the Grand Chapter
of Royal Arch Masons of Virginia

For Information
Peter S. Jensen
14415 Glencrest Circle
Centreville, VA 20120

OFFICERS 2022-2023
Prior Frederick R. Dixon, Sr.
Deputy Prior Michael T. Huff
Warder Peter S. Jensen
Reg/Tres Peter S. Jensen
Prelate Joseph E. Gadea
Orator Mark W. Underwood, KYGCH
Herald Patrick C. Murphrey
Sentinel Joel D. Ratliff, Sr.
Symbolic Lodge TBD
R. A. Chapter Joe Gilbert Broce, KYGCH
Cryptic Council TBD
Commandery TBD

1998 Jackie Lee Harrison
2003 Baldwin Gerard Locher, Jr., KYGCH
2004 John Robert Wigglesworth, Jr., KYGCH
2008 Jay L Cotner, KYGCH
2010 Edwin Richard Carpenter, Jr., KYGCH
2011 Charles Warren Wagner, KYGCH
2014 William F. Reinhold, KYGCH
2015 Lawrence Barton Smith, KYGCH
2017 Donald L. McAndrews, KYGCH
2018 Peter J. Gordon
2019 H. Lee Arritt, Jr.
2020 Daniel H. Surface, KYGCH
2021 Jason W. Lotz
2022 James B. Bartley

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