The Red Cross
of Constantine

Fraternal Greetings and
WELCOME to the
Saint-Sebastian Conclave Home Page
Tampa, Florida

Meetings are 4/15/2023, NOTICE
12/09/2023, Annual 1/27/2024

Robert W. Powell, II
Puissant Sovereign
Dayle L. Schrock,
Intendant General – Division of Florida

Recorder: Arthur J. Ahrens III

John E. Drewett, Past PS
Puissant Sovereign, Robert W. Powell, II
Viceroy W. Allen Sorbie
Senior General Albert Thurman
Junior General Todd A. Meschelle
Treasurer Robert G. Kirkpatrick, PPS
Recorder Arthur J. Ahrens, III, PPS
Prelate Charles C. Osborne
Prefect James Blum
Standard Bearer Jeffrey A. Lawrence
Herald Jeffrey T. Sklet
Sentinel Charles R. Bailey

1966 Fisher F. Bickerstaff
1984 John R. Langford
1994 James E. Bradford
1997 Raul A. Reyes
2000 Perry M. Rogers
2003 Richard S. Agster
2005 Donald T. Harriott
2006 Robert G. Kirkpatrick
2008 Carl E. Gilmore
2012 William F. Wyllie
2013 Russell B. Glendinning
2016 John F. Wermann
2018 Harry J. Klaus
2019 Arthur J. Ahrens III
2020 John E. Drewett
2021 Scott McAlister
2022 John E. Drewett

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