The Red Cross
of Constantine

Fraternal Greetings and
Christian Conclave
Binghamton, New York

Charles E. Knapp
Puissant Sovereign – 2023

W. Bruce Renner,
Illustrious Intendant General
Division of New York Western

Recorder: David D. Goodwin
Vestal, NY


M:. E:. Grand Viceroy
David Dixon Goodwin
United Grand Imperial Council,

Puissant Sovereign Charles E. Knapp
Viceroy Richard P. Freeman
Senior General James A. Meek
Junior General Steven W. Howard
Treasurer Francis K. Wilcox
Recorder David Dixon Goodwin
Trustees Eugene R. Graves – 2025
Robert N. Rogers – 2023
Scott G. Kinne – 2024
Prelate David T. Lewis
Orator Anthony Q. Vaughan
Prefect Anthony J. Tabone
Stand Bearer Jamie J. Kaim
Herald Peter K. Townsend
Sentinel Alonzo C. LaBarr

Living Past Sovereigns:
1987 James W. Hemstrought
1996 Francis K. Wilcox
2001 David Dixon Goodwin
2002 Hugh R. Price
2005 E. Donald Lounsberry
2010 David H. Raymond
2011 Jose L. Valencia
2014 James J. Zearfoss
2015 David P. Spencer
2017 Robert N. Rogers
2018 Charles L. Hill, III
2019 Gerald Putman
2020 Steven R. Shearer
2021 Scott G. Kinne
2022 Eugene R. Graves

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