Knights of the York Cross of Honour

(December 5, 2002)
Acknowledging allegiance to the Convent General Knights of the Your Cross of Honour and to its General Regulations that are now in force or may be hereafter enacted, Evergreen State Priory No. 41, located in the City of Seattle, state of Washington and holden under the warrant from said Convent General, hereby adopts and enacts for the government of itself the following bylaws not inconsistent with said General Regulations.

Section 1: The name of this Priory is Evergreen State Priory No 41, Knights of the York Cross of Honour. Its headquarters shall be located in the City lf Seattle, State of Washington.

Section 2: The Officers of this Priory shall be those designated by Section 15 of the General Regulations of the Order, pus a Sentinel. All Offices are to be elected at the Annual Conclave. The Office of Treasurer and Registrar are combined into one office. The prerogatives and duties of the several Officers of this Priory shall be such as are set forth in said General Regulations.

Section 3: A stated conclave of this Priory shall be held prior to the month of April each year.

Special Conclaves may be called by the Prior, but no business other than that stated in the written notice shall be transacted. The Date, Time and Place of all conclaves will be set by the Prior. Written notice of Stated and Special Conclaves shall be sent by the Registrar at least twenty (20) days in advance to all members.

Section 4: The Annual Conclave for the election of officers shall be held during the month of April each year. Written notice of the Annual Conclave shall include the date, time and place and be sent by the Registrar at least Twenty (20) days in advance to all members.

Section 5: The Fee for reception of invitees into this Priory shall be Forty Dollars ($40.00) PLUS the Registration Fee required by Convent General, payable in full when the Petition is presented. The Fee for Dual Membership or Membership by Affiliation shall be Five Dollars ($5.00).

Section 6: Dues are in the form of Life Membership paid with the fees for reception. The cost of life membership is Fifty Dollars ($50.00). A member must retain his membership in the four prerequisite bodies specified in the General Regulations.

Section 7: The Eminent Prior, at the time of his installation, shall appoint a Finance Committee of three (3) members whose duties shall be to examine and audit the books of the Registrar and report at the Annual Conclave. A copy of such shall be received by the Prior within thirty (30) days. (Amended 4/14/2007)

Section 8: Unless otherwise ordered by the Eminent Prior, the order of business at all conclaves shall be as follows:

Reading of Minutes
Reading of Proposals
Balloting on Proposals
Unfinished and new business
Good of the Order

Section 9: Membership in this priory shall be by invitation. Proposals for membership may be presented at any Conclave and acted upon at a subsequent Conclave; however, proposals cannot be balloted upon until the membership of this Priory is notified.

The method of balloting will be by ballot box
Two negative votes will be necessary to reject a proposed candidate. A proposal receiving less than two (2) negative votes will be declared elected by the Prior after the examination of the ballot box.

Section 10: Any member of this Priory who desires to serve as an elected officer may file a Statement of Availability with the Registrar no later than January 1st of the year he is declaring availability. The statement will identify the office for which he is making himself available. Name of those who have declared availability will be included along with the names of the current officers who are eligible for advancement in the notice of the next Annual Meeting.

Names of those who are declaring availability along with the current officers will be read before election.
Nominations form the floor for any office may be made.
If more than one candidate is nominated for any office, written secret ballot rules.
Section 11: These Bylaws may be amended by introducing the proposed amendment in writing at a Conclave of the Prior, where the resolution shall be read, entered on the minutes and laid over to the next Conclave when it shall be acted upon; and if two-thirds (2/3) or more of the members present vote for its adoption and it is subsequently approved by the Grand Master General, it shall become a part of these Bylaws.

Bylaws amended at the Annual Conclave of Evergreen State Priory No. 41 on November 02, 2008 by majority vote.

First reading: November 02, 2008

Amended by Special Dispensation of Convent General,
Enacted at the 72nd Annual Conclave in Nashville, TN

Approved November 02, 2008

William H. Scott, Eminent Prior

R. Dale Fluaitt, Registrar
Grand Master General