1. Born in Lowell, Massachusetts on September 22, 1937.
Married Louise A. Randall [deceased February 19, 2008] in August of 1959 ,
Married Bonnie Hardiman on March 31, 2012 combined family now 6 children, 12 grandchildren, 6 great grandkids

1. Graduated from Chelmsford High School, Chelmsford Mass in 1955.
Member of the National Honor Society
President of the Student Council
Lettered in Football, Basketball and Baseball

2. Graduated from Lowell Technological Institute, Lowell Mass in 1960 with a BS in Plastic Engineering and a ROTC Commission in the Air Force.
Member and Officer in Omicron Pi Fraternity
President of the Arnold Air Force Society
Member of the Society of Plastics Engineers
Student Instructor, Plastics Department
Obtained Master’s Degree in Plastics in 1975.
3. Served in the Air Force from 1960 to 1969 as an Engineer and attained the rank of Captain.
Squadron Officers School, 1965.
Received AF Commendation Medal (21 May 1968)
for Meritorious Sevice 4 December 1964 to 30 April 1968
Range Control Officer for over 100 missile launchs from Vandenberg AFB, CA
4. Began a career in the field of “plastics” with Monsanto in 1969 and
continued with Foster-Grant/American Hoechst in Leominster Massachusetts
until July of 1984 when the Leominster facility was closed and personnel transferred to Chesapeake Virginia.
Completed career on April 3, 1998 as a Senior Product Engineer for Huntsman where
I was responsible for development and technical management of Polystyrene plastic resins for various applications.
5. Started Career of Building Web Sites for the York Rite of Freemasonry – Fall of 1996
6. A Fellow of the Operative Web Mason Guild (1997)
7. International Guild of Masonic Webm@sters, President, Virginia Branch,
Appointed Committee Member, USA Chapter. (1997)
8. Founder and Moderator of the York Rite Masonic Webmaster Guild, October 1998.
9. Webmaster of over 200 Masonic Web Sites on the Internet.
10. Founder, Owner & Webmaster of, December 1999
11. Settled in Florida 2005
12. National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution August 9, 2006
13. Florida Society SAR, Withlacooche Chapter 2006
…….Received “Bronze Good Citizenship Medal, March 10, 2012
14. Webmaster of Web Site JANUARY 24, 2007 to 2013
15. Associated Member of the Citrus County Chamber of Commerce, Ambassador ,
January 2009…….Chairman 2013
16. Citrus County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, 1 January 2012-2014
…….Received “Chamber Champion Award”, April 27, 2012
17. Member of Gulf to Lake Baptist Church, Crystal River, FL
18. Owner and Publisher of MW Design & Publishing, 35 domains,
200 Active Web Sites for Freemasory 1997 to current
19. Received National Distinguished Nationial Service Award from
Grand Encampment Knights Templar, USA August 2012
20. Recipient of the DeMolay Active Legion of Honor, Sept. 24 2016
21. Grand Council Allied Masonic Degrees, Grand Superintendent,
Florida, KGCRBE, Feb. 15, 2014-Feb. 2019
22. Receipient of the High Council, SRICF, Knight Grand Cross (KGC)
for for exemplary effort in the work of the Society & Rosicrucianism in general.
23. Receipient of the Grand Encampment Knights Templar, USA
College of Honors, Knight Grand Cross (KGC) August 2021
The total number of Knights Grand Cross is set at twenty-four

Joined Lowell Chapter, Order of DeMolay in 1953.
Master Councilor from September 1958 to February 1959.
International DeMolay Alumni Association, Life Member May 9, 2007 #302528
Recipient of the DeMolay Active Legion of Honor, Sept. 24 2016

LODGE – NOW 50 Years
Wilder Lodge, Leominster, Massachusetts, raised 4/25/1972,
Worshipful Master from October 1975 to 1976.
The DeMolay Lodge, Boston, Massachusetts,
Charter Returned January 2013
Charter Member (1976), Past Master (1980) and Past Secretary.
8th Lodge of Instruction, Fitchburg 13th Masonic District, Past Master (1980).
Great Bridge Lodge #257, Chesapeake, VA – affiliated 1985, demitted 1998.

Leominster Royal Arch Chapter, Massachusetts, exalted in 1973,
High Priest (1976-1978) and Past Secretary (5 years).
Massachusetts Convention of High Priests, Life Member (1977).
Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Massachusetts, Past Grand Principal Sojourner (1979).
Webmaster of the Official Grand Chapter Web Site (2008 to 2021)
Grand Represantative to Florida (2010)
Holder of the Benjamin Hurd Medal for Meritorious Service (2011).
Great Bridge Chapter #82, Chesapeake, affiliated 1984, Past High Priest (1991), demitted 9/10/98.
Virginia Royal Arch Research Chapter #1753 (1984/1998).
General Grand Chapter, International – Webmaster from Aug.25,1997 to November 21, 2020
General Grand High Priest – Gold Medal for Service August 28, 2008

Harris Council R&SM, Gardner, Massachusetts, greeted in 1974, Illustrious Master (1980).
Massachusetts Council of Thrice Illustrious Masters, Life Member (1979).
Grand Council, Royal & Select Masters of Massachusetts,
Grand Lecturer and Visiting Officer, 1982 to 1984
Holder of Blake-Bayley Medal for Distinguished Service (1985).
Webmaster of the Official Grand Council Site (1997 to 2021)
General Grand Council, International – Webmaster 1997-2011

Jerusalem Commandery #16, Fitchburg, Mass., knighted in 1975,
Past Commander (1982) and Past Recorder.
Presiding Council’s Club of Mass and RI, Past President 1981-1982.
Grand Commandery of Massachusetts & Rhode Island.
Webmaster of the Official Web Site 199 to 2021
Served as Chairman of the Membership Committee, and as a member of the Degree,
Exemplification, and Installation Teams plus Marching Unit.
Mass & RI Association of Past Commanders, Life Member (1982).
Grice Commandery #16, Norfolk, Virginia, affiliated 1984, demitted February 2000
Prelate for 6 years; Prior, The Order of Malta (17 years Mass & VA).
Portsmouth Commandery #5, VA, (1996), Prelate for 3 years, demitted November 1998.

Grand Encampment, Knights Templar, USA
Electronic Communication Committee, Chairman
Webmaster of Official Web Site October 2006
Webmaster of Official Knight Templar Magazine Web Site October 2006
National Award for Meritorious Sevice – August 14, 2012
Knight Grand Cross, KGC – August 2021

Knights, York Cross of Honour, Massachusetts Priory #52 (1982)
Eminent Prior, 2002-2003
Affiliated with Rose of Sharon #2, Richmond (1996)(Life Member).

Convent General, Knights, York Cross of Honour
(Permanent MEMBER)
Webmaster of Official Web Site

Hampton Roads York Rite College #95, Charter Member 1984,
Past Governor (1993) and Director of Work for 13 years.
Life Member February 17, 2007
York Rite Sovereign College of North America,
Order of the Purple Cross, Associate Regent, 1994.
Gold Honor Award, May 4, 2000, by Washington& Lee YRC #93, VA
Webmaster of Official Home Page.

CB Vance Council #85, AMD, Chesapeake, 1985
Past Sovereign Master (1990)(Demitted 2000).
Grand Masters Council , AMD – Life Member 2000
Webmaster of Grand Council, AMD, Official Web Site 1997-2019
The Royal Order, Knights of the Scarlet Cord (February 13, 2009)
1st, 2nd & 3rd Grades (February 2012), 4th Grade February 2015
Grand Superintendent, Florida & NFL, KGCRBE, February 15, 2014 to February 2019

Emerald Isle Council #30, Knight Masons
Charter Member 1985 and Excellent Chief, 1998 (Demitted 10/31/00
Great Chief’s Council No. 0 – Perpetual Member, March 11, 2002
Grand Council, Knight Masons, USA
Webmaster of Official Home Page 2011-2019
Past Grand Senior Knight, February, 11, 2011
KT Commander of Zerubbabel 020820

Aleppo Shrine Temple, Boston MA. Shriner 1975-2002.

Scottish Rite, Northern Jurisdiction (1980)
Life Member Valley of Lowell, MSA Award 1983
Past Lt. of the Guard, Massachusetts Consistory, Life Member.
Sammy Lee Davis, Defender of Peace & Freedom, Awarded November 2019

Virginia College, SRICF (1993)(Demitted 12/2000)
Supreme Magus College, SRICF (2000)
Life Member, IX Grade (020607) ,
Webmaster of Official High Council Web Site
Knight Grand Cross, KGC November 2017

The Royal Order of Scotland (July 31, 1982).
Honorary Member(LIFE) – September 1998.
Provincial Grand Webmaster – April 8, 2002 to November 1, 2017

Garden of Gethsemane II, HRAKTP (1995)(Demitted 2002).
Grand Preceptors Tabernacle No. “A”, HRAKTP (2002)
Preceptor 2012
Knight Commander 2013
Order of Holy Wisdom February 2022
Webmaster of the Official Grand College of America, HRAKTP Web Site

Grand College of Rites, USA (1999)
Knight Grand Cross – February 14, 2009

Ye Antiente Order of Corks (1999)

Masonic Order of the Bath (1999)

Royal Society of Knights Occidental (February 9, 2007)
Grand Cross of the Order – February 13, 2009

Commemorative Order of St. Thomas of Acon, Trinity Chapel No.12 (February 7, 2007)
Crusader Chapel No.65, Florida, Founding Member
Founding Deputy Marshal August 4, 2007, Worthy Master 2010-2011
GRAND COUNCIL, Assistant Grand Marshal, February 9, 2017
SOUTH EAST PROVINCE, Provincial Grand Almoner, February, 2018-19

The Masonic and Military Order of the Red Cross of Constantine and
the Orders of the Holy Sepulchre and St. John the Evangelist
St. Sebastian Conclave No.27, Tampa, Florida, January 24, 2009
The United Grand Imperial Council of Knights of the Red Cross of Constantine
and Appendant Orders for the United States of America, Mexico and the Philippines –
Webmaster Since 2021.

The Worshipful Society of Free Masons, Rough Masons, Wallers, Slaters,
Paviors, Plaisterers and Bricklayers (The Operatives)
The Bryn Athyn Quarry Assemblage,
Passed Master VI° 2/14/2016
Washington Monuement Assemblage
J.W.’s Deacon 2/14/2016

The Masonic Order of Athelstan in England, Wales and its Provinces Overseas
The Province of the United States of America, The North Carolina Court No 73
Degree-February 8, 2011, Webmaster

Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons, Georgia
Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters, Georgia
Grand York Rite of Freemasonry of Florida, May 24, 1999
Grand Commandery, Knights Templar, State of New York, September 18, 1999
Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Brazil, November 23, 2001
Grand York Rite Bodies of Alabama, February 24, 2003
Webmaster of Official Grand York Rite Bodies Sites
North Central F1orida, Council No. 423, AMD – March 2014