Arkansas Council No. 80

Knight Masons, U.S.A.
Jonesboro, Arkansas

Fraternal Greetings
and WELCOME to
Our Official Home Page
George M. Coleman
Excellent Chief 2022

For OFFICIAL Information
Randall Gilless, Scribe
276 Amy Rd.,
Pocahontas, AR 72455



Excellent Chief: George M. Coleman
Sr. Knight: Samuel D. Lattin
Jr. Knight: Darrell W. Gifford
Treasurer: Michael P. Lockhart, PEC
Scribe Randall P. Gilless
Sr. Warden: Paul H. Craig
Jr. Warden: Garry D. Jones
Dir. of Ceremonies: Douglas McConnell
Priest: Phillip McConnell
Steward: Bradley R. Phillips
Sentinel: Ray Phillips
Dir. of Work: T.J. Henwood, PEC

Class on 12-18-2021 shown with Great Chief Martin Trent

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Developed by Ken Stuczynski
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