The Annual meeting of the Knights of York Cross of Honour, Evergreen Priory No. 41 was declared open by Eminent Prior, E Jeffrey Craig at 11:00 AM, April 24, 2021 using ZOOM as the preferred medium. There were eighteen members present with the hand list of those in attendance attached to a copy of these minute. The prayer was given by the Herald, Michael Holland.

The minutes of the last meeting, as displayed on the WEB Page were approved as posted. The following dignitaries were introduced:
        Rabi Peifer, Most Illustrious Grand Master, Royal & Select Masters of Washington
        Alan Spreen, Deputy Eminent Grand Commander, Grand Commandery of Washington
        David Aponte, Deputy Grand High Priest, Royal Arch Masons of Washington
Bryan Bechler, District Deputy, Grand Master-General, Convent General Knights of the York Cross of Honour.

The Treasurer reported $37,428.28 in the Edward Jones Investment Account and $3,219.31 in the Edward Jones Money Market account as of April 21, 2021. The Treasurer moved that the report be accepted. By Second and Affirmative vote the report was accepted with the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss statement. It was approved to make an annual Donation to the General Convent Charity, to pay the Web Master ($50) and reimburse the Secretary for mailing the backlog of certificates to the individual members (in retrospect that cost was less than $35, so the Secretary will consider that as a donation to the Conclave)

Proposals for the following were read:
        Baron Jay White (Floyd Snyder)
        Joe McAlister (Joe MacIntrye & Jeff Craig)
        Geoff Joosten (Jeff Craig)
A unanimous ballot having been cast; invitations will be sent to each of these Companions.

With the current restriction on Ritual Work from the Grand Master of Washington, the installation of Kirk Alan Rose and Scot Patrick Sageser is delayed until the Fall 2021 meeting.

The Bylaw change which has" laid-over since 2019" was brought to the floor. The existing bylaws read: "Section 3: "A stated conclave of this Priory shall be held prior to April each year." The proposal to change that sentence to read: "Section 3: A stated conclave will be held after the beginning of the fiscal year (July) and prior to the month of December." The net effect of the Bylaw change will be to meet in each half of a calendar year.
A motion was made to approve the bylaw change by Acclamation with a Proper Second. The motion was approved, and the bylaw change was approved.

Lastly an election was held for Officers for the period of 2021-2022.

The following were nominated as indicated:

        W Gary Norton Eminent Prior
        Rabi Peifer Deputy Prior
        Warder Michael Holland
        Prelate Paul Reckamp
        Orator David Aponte
        Herald Larry Byrd
        Sentinel Alan Spreen
        Registrar/Treasurer Merle Iverson

There being no additional nominations, a unanimous vote was cast for these Nominations. All but the Herald, Larry Byrd, were installed by District Deputy Bryan Bechler.

Respectfully submitted

Ivan Merle Iverson
Ivan Merle Iverson, Registrar